• A Guest Lecture on “Fire and Safety Protection” was delivered by Ms.Tata Lakshmi, Adjunct faculty and Whole time Director, Blue Fence Systems  Pvt Ltd , Hyderabad on 18th August 2018. The session was conducted for all the students of II and III EEE. She  had given key note on types of fire, stages of combustion and types of protection systems.
  • A talk byDr. V. Seshadri Sravan Kumar, Assistant Professor, Department of Electrical Engineering, IIT Hyderabad was arranged by EEE Dept on “Modeling of grid connected Variable Speed Wind generators”as part of the Engineer’s day celebrations Ignium-2018 on 15th September 2018 under IE(I) )&Deeptha –Department Technical Association.
  • A Guest Lecture on “Advanced Micro Controllers” was delivered by Anil Kumar Singh, Adjunct faculty and CEO of Daximax Solutions Pvt Ltd , Hyderabad on 12th October 2018. The session was conducted for all the students of II and III EEE. He  had given key note on types Micro controllers.
  • II EEE students attended  Guest talk  on  “Story telling for Empowerment” by Yuvva co-founder, Mr. Nikhil Taneja, Tedex on 23rd February 2019.


  • Department of EEE organized a Guest Lecture on ‘Skill Development’ by Vamsi Krishna of Dhanush Enterprizes which is a sector of National Skill Development Corporation on 29th March 2018. II EEE students attended.
  • A talk by David Tan Chern Wei from Massey University, Auckland , Newzealand was arranged by the department of EEE on Humanitarian engineering on 10th August 2017. He had given key note that “Humanitarian engineering is a research and design to directly improve the well-being of poor, marginalized, or under-served communities, which often lack the means to address pressing problems.
  • Department of EEE organized a Guest Lecture on ‘Development of Biomass based Renewable Energy for Electricity Generation using Information Technology and Numerical Methods’ by Dr.Hafeez Basha, Program Manager, Basha Research Corporation (BRC)­­­­­ on 14th October 2017. All the students of EEE attended the Guest Lecture. He stressed upon usage of renewable sources to conventional sources which are the major cause for global warming.


  • As a part of Engineers’ Day celebration, EEE department had organized a Guest Lecture on Micro-Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS) by Dr. Siva Rama Krishna from IITH on 16th September 2016.
  • Prof Sai Kumar Goud, CMR on Electronic Circuits to II ECE, EEE was conducted on 23rd December 2016.
  • III EEE students attended a Guest Lecture on ‘Solar Cell Technology’ at ‘Surabhi Educational Society’ on 3rd January 2017. Dr.Sarita Zele, Professor and Chief Technology Officer, National Centre for Photovoltaic Research and Education, IIT Bombay was the speaker.