Art is a pathway to the life and communication of ecstasy. Art & Culture plays an important role in the development of any individual by making them socialize and in turn stabilizing their mental health. It also encourages them in many ways that causes a vital boost in their performance.

The campus itself provides a traditional atmosphere for the students by celebrating all religious festivals and on the top to preserve the Indian ‘Intangible Cultural Heritage’ BVRITH also conducts a number of cultural programs. We have a dedicated cultural committee that organizes regular programs to identify the hidden talent in students. One of the major events conducted is Telugammayi program by Maa T.V. The fresher day & traditional day are celebrated every year with increasing positive responses in each year. Majority of the students turn up in traditional attires. Art is a part of our culture which gives an expression to human emotions and feelings. With a wide scope of diversity it brings out latent talents in students. Interested students are encouraged to learn fine arts such as painting, photography, music and decorative art. Required facilities are provided to all such students. Many special occasions organized in the campus contribute to the well-being of students. As Part of fine arts students participate in various events like Greeting card preparation, Pot making, Glass Painting, Fabric painting, Bouquet making , Rakhi contest….and won many prizes. Through Annual Day, Technical Symposiums, etc, contribute to the wellbeing of the students. Such occasions provide ventilation to knowledge, recreation, fine arts, creative ideas and insightful interaction.