Dr. V. Madhavi

Assistant Professor

Personal Information
Years of Experience : 10 Years
Email Id : madhavi.v@bvrithyderabad.edu.in
Areas of Specialization : Chemistry, Nanotechnology
Educational Qualification
UG Degree : B.Sc. (M.P.C)
PG Degree : M.Sc. (Environmental Chemistry)
Doctoral Degree : PhD (Nanotechnology)
Recognition & Honors
  1. “Young Woman in Science” award by Venus  International Foundation on March 2017.
  2. Bibliography has been added to “Asia Pacific who’s who , XVIth Edition (2017)
  1. Certificate for training in laboratories of Environmental Assessment Division & Analytical Chemistry Division of Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, Mumbai
International Journal Publications
  1. Dr.V.Madhavi published paper entitled “Application and adsorption study of phytogenic zero valent nano iron particles in the reduction of  hexavalent chromium” , Spectrochimica acta A:Molecular and Biomolecular    Spectroscopy. 116 (2013) 17-25.
  2. Dr.V.Madhavi published paper entitled “Conjuctive effect of CMC-Zero valent iron nanoparticles and FYM in the remediation of chriomium contaminated soils”, Journal of Applied nanoscience,2013, DOI 10.1007/s13204-013-0221-1.
  3. Dr.V.Madhavi published paper entitled “A simple method for the determination of efficiency of stabilized Fe0 nanoparticles for detoxification of chromium (VI) in water.” Journal of Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Research, 2012, 4(3) : 1539-1545.
  4. Dr.V.Madhavi published paper entitled “Nanoprocess For Water Purification, Review”, International Journal of Current Research Reviews, 2012, 4(18) : 38-53.
  5. Dr.V.Madhavi published paper entitled  “An Overview on Research Trends in Remediation of Chromium”,  Review,Research Journal   of  Recent Sciences, 2013, 2(1), 71-83.
  6. Dr.V.Madhavi published paper entitled “Synthesis and spectral characterization of iron based micro and nanoparticles”, International  Journal of  nanomaterials and Biostructures, 2013
  7. Dr.V.Madhavi published paper entitled “Plant growth promoting potential of nano-bioremediation under Cr(VI) stress”, International Journal of Nanotechnology and Application (IJNA) ISSN 2277-477 ,Vol. 3, Issue 3, Aug 2013, 1-10
  8. Controlled Releasse fertilizers-An Overview, Journal of Global Agriculture and Ecology. ISSN: 2454-4205
  9. Dr.V.Madhavi published paper entitled “Degradation of chlorpyrifos in aqueous solutions with chitosan-stabilized Fe0 nanoaparticles.”  International Journal of Science Innovations and Discoveries, 2012,  2(1) : 106-112.
  10. Dr.V.Madhavi published paper entitled “Application of Carrageenan Stabilized Fe0 Nanoparticles for the Degradation ofChlorpyrifos  in water.” International Journal of Research in Chemistry and Environment,2012, 2(2) : 173-177.
  11. Dr.V.Madhavi published paper entitled “Remediation of chlorpyrifos contaminated soils by laboratory synthesized Zero-valent Nano Iron Particles: Effect of pH and aluminium salts”. Journal of Chemistry, 2013.
  12. Dr.V.Madhavi published paper entitled “Method development and validation study for quantitative determination of 2-chloromethyl-3,4-dimethoxy pyridine hydrochloride a genotoxic impurity in pantoprazole active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) by LC/MS/MS.” Journal of  Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Analysis, 2012, 70 : 592–597. 
  13. Dr.V.Madhavi published paper entitled “Electrochemical inbvestigations of Lipase Enzyme Activity inhibition by Methyl Parathion pesticide: A Voltammetric studies”, Molecular Liquids 2013(180):26-30.
  14. Dr.V.Madhavi published paper entitled “Liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry method for simultaneous quantification of urapidil and aripiprazole in human plasma and its application to human pharmacokinetic study”, Biomedical Chromatography 2013. DOI 10.1002/bmc.2882.
  15. Dr.V.Madhavi published paper entitled “A selective and sensitive UPLC-MS/MS approach for trace level quantification of four potential genotoxic impurities in zolmitriptan drug”, Journal of Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Analysis, Vol, 84, 84-89, 2013
  16. Dr.V.Madhavi published paper entitled “Systematic Approach for Trace Level Quantification of 2-n-butyl-4-spirocyclopentane-2-imidazole-5-one Genotoxic Impurity in Irbesartan using LC-MS/MS,” Indian Journal Of Pharmaceutical Sciences, 2013.
  17. Dr.V.Madhavi published paper entitled “Simultaneous determination of asenapine and valproic acid in human plasma using LC–MS/MS: Application of the method to support pharmacokinetic study”, Journal of pharmaceutical analysis, ISSN  2095-1779, 2013
  18. Dr.V.Madhavi published paper entitled “Advances in drug delivery:Impacts of Genomics and role of Analytical Instrumentation” , Journal of Current Drug Discovery Technologies, ISSN: 1875-6220,  2016.
International Conference Publications /Presentations
  1. V.Madhavi presented a Paper entitled “Nanotechnology-nanomaterial effluents in the environmental matrices” (EEEE-2011) during 23-24 December 2011.
  2. V.Madhavi presented a Paper “Emerging threats and challenges to biodiversity: Policy framework for sustainable management” during 2-4 March, 2012.
  3. V.Madhavi presented a Paper entitled “Green technology for environmental sustainability” (ISEHT-2012) during 15-17 July 2012.
  4. V.Madhavi presented a Paper entitled “Role of medicinal plants in control of pesticide pollution” (MPHP-2010) during 27-29 December 2010.
  5. V.Madhavi presented a Paper entitled “Iron based nanomaterials : a versatile tool for environmental applications” during 20-22 December, 2012.
  6. V.Madhavi presented a paper entitled “Abatement of Cr(VI) by eco-friendly application of nano-bioremediation” in ICEE held during 15-17th Dec. 2014 in JNTUH.
  7. V.Madhavi presented a paper entitled “Nanotechnology traces in controlled release fertilizers” in ICRACACE held during 11-13th July 2016 at JNTUH.
National Conference Publications
  1. V.Madhavi presented a Paper entitled “Degradation of chlorpyrifos by stabilized Fe(0) nanoparticles: effect of catalyst on degradation, Seminar proceedings” (RTCS-2012), during 31 Mar. 2012.
  2. V.Madhavi presented a Paper entitled “Carboxy methyl cellulose stabilized nano particles for rapid degradation of chlorpyrifos in solutions” (RRTSONPC-2012), 19-20 Mar. 2012.
  3. V.Madhavi presented a Paper entitled (CRTDCS-2013), 9-10 Mar. 2013.
  4. V.Madhavi presented in a national seminar entitled “ Environment-Public Participation” during 29-30 Aug 2011.
  5. V.Madhavi presented a Paper entitled “Determination of fluoride content in water samples by using biosensor electrode” in Emerging trends in Electrochemical studies during 25-26 March, 2011.
  6. V.Madhavi presented a Paper entitled “Synthesis and characterization of Fe0-nanoparticles for the degradation of halogenated pesticides & organic compounds” (CGP-2011) during 24- 26 October 2011.
  7. V.Madhavi presented a Paper entitled “Bio-catalytic technology for environmental sustainability”(SFSE-2011) during 29-30 March 2011.
  8. V.Madhavi presented a Paper entitled “ Remediation of Chromium contaminated sites: An overview of site remediation techniques” (NSCME-2011) on 31 oct 2011.
  9. V.Madhavi presented a Paper entitled “Effect of temperature and pH on treatment of aqueous chlorpyrifos solutions by nano ZVI particles” (NFCR-2011) during 19 November 2011.
  10. V.Madhavi presented a Paper (CTDOS-2011) held on 9th December, 2011.
  11. V.Madhavi presented a Paper entitled “Thermodynamics for Environmental process” (TCBEP-2012) during 10-12 Dec, 2012.
Professional Memberships
  1. Member of (ISEIS) “International Society for Environmental Information Sciences”
  2. Member of (ISCA) ” Indian Science Congress Association”.
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