Electronics and Communication Engineering

25 Faculty Members

8 Laboratories

Students of Electronics and Communication Engineering  have wide range of opportunists in various domains like software, hardware designing, communication sector, testing etc., Proud to say students are not only grabing good number of placements in software as well as core sector but also pursuing higher studies in top universities in India as well as Abroad.


Established in the year 2012 with an intake of 60, the department of ECE could procure extension of intake to 120 from the academic year i.e., 2014-15. The achievement is by virtue of expert faculty, well established labs, guest lectures, and industry oriented programs. Faculty are diversified in various domains like Communications, VLSI and Embedded.  Labs are established to serve the purpose of not only the prescribed curriculum but also the projects to be carried out by the students.  The touchstone of the department is the promotion of more hands on facilities to students through conduction of mini projects, workshops, industrial visits and internships. Technical seminars conducted by the department enhance the presentation skills of the students.   Apart from technical activities like fests, the department also encourages students to participate in hackathons, paper presentations, and mini project exhibitions which pave the way for advance technical skills as well as social skills. The department arranges guest lectures by industrial and academic experts to implicit more knowledge. Industry oriented programs like WISE, IoT Maker Space are given gravity on par with the curriculum.


To emerge as a center of academic and research excellence in Electronics and Communication Engineering and create globally competent women technocrats with a high degree of social consciousness in a holistic learning environment.


  1. To provide quality education to the students with emphasis on training related to latest technologies as per industrial needs
  2. To impart research culture, professional ethics and moral values to the students by committed and competent faculty striving for excellence.
  3. To inculcate a perceptive alacrity in students to identify real life problems, formulate strategies and evolve into contextually effective solutions.


Values Embedded in Us
  • Short Term Goals
    1. To strengthen the department infrastructure and human resources.
    2. To conduct programmes for students that promotes their skills for their future career
    3. To conduct continuing education programs and workshops/conferences for knowledge sharing with outside world.
    4. To Excel in academics and placements.
    5. To conduct faculty development programmes regularly for skill up-gradation.

    Long Term Goals

    1. To encourage research activities in the department and encourage more number of publications and patents in the emerging areas
    2. To develop projects that provide a solution for assisting differently enabled people.
    3. To establish and strengthen Industry-Institute interaction and be industry solution providers.
    4. To take up sponsored / consultancy projects from private and government organizations.
    5. To be one of the recognized leading institutes in the country


To function smoothly and efficiently

After four years of graduation, the graduates of this programme:
PEO-1: should excel in contemporary problem solving in Electronics and Communication Engineering and the allied fields through the knowledge-base provided by the programme.

PEO-2: should demonstrate their technical, communication and leadership skills in professional environment or as entrepreneurs.
PEO-3: should understand the issues and developments in the field of Electronics and Communication Engineering and should update their knowledge and skills through continuous learning.
PEO-4: Should be motivated with high ethical and human values towards development of the society.


Towards a brighter future

  1. Design Engineer (VLSI / Embedded)
  2. Telecom Officer
  3. Scientist in Organizations like ISRO, DRDO, HAL etc
  4. Software Engineer
  5. Higher Education (M.Tech / MS/MBA)



Technical Events

2012 Batch
  1. B. Khyathi, S. Hima Bindu and Shaik Aasima Masood of II ECE participated in the Quiz Competition “Prashnothari” Conducted by Dept. of ECE, BVRITH on behalf of Engineers Day celebrations on 13th September and stood in Second Place.
  2. Akshitha, S G L Namratha and Jahnavi of II ECE participated in Quiz competition “Prashnothari” Conducted by Dept. of ECE, BVRITH on behalf of Engineers Day celebrations on 13th September and stood in Third Place.
  3. K. Kiran Mai and Ms. D. Alekhya of II ECE Stood Second in poster presentation conducted
    by CMR institute of Technology on 30th Sep and 1st Oct 2013. Moreover they sponsored
    Rs. 1000/- from their cash prize for NSS activity. Topic: A Review on Latest developments in
    Science and Technology.
  4. Likhitha, Ms. P. Harika participated in Poster Presentation in Medhanvesh – National Level Students tech fest conducted by BVRIT Hyderabad on 3rd & 4th January 2014 and secured Second Prize.
  5. B. Khyathi and Ms. B. Sanjana, II ECE participated in Quiz competition held at IIT Hyderabad on behalf of Technical cum cultural fest ELAN conducted during 31st January – 2nd February 2014 and got Outstanding Performance Certificate.
  6. K. Uha Chandrika and Ms. P. Vinisha presented a paper on Stratellites in GRIET on 17th and 18th October 2014 and stood in Third place.
  7. B. Khyathi (12WH1A0408) attend One week Workshop from 14th-19th July 2014 jointly
    organized by LV Prasad Eye Hospital in association with MIT Media Lab, USA
  8. D. Alekhya participated in the competition Creativity and Innovation organized by BVRIT
    Narsapur on 17th &18th Nov 2014 and secured I Prize.
  9. P. Naga Sai Anusha, Ms. M k Jyothi and Ms. Gayathri selected in top 25during JNTUH  Excite and awarded cash prize of Rs. 15,000 under the guidance of Mr. R. Priyakanth, Asst. Prof, ECE.
  10. B. Khyathi presented a paper on Stratellites in Osmania university on 7th and 8th March 2015 and stood in first place.

Technical Events

2013 Batch
  1. VHN Mounika got first prize in Ideation contest -2015 held on 5th Nov 2015 at BVRITH
  2. D. Priyanka, Ms. S. Ravali, K. Deepthi, Ms. Hafsa got 2nd Prize in Mini Project Expo on Simple IC 741 & 555 Tester organized by Osmania University on 7th & 8th March 2015.
  3. R. Pooja, Ms. Mahalakshmi Keerthi Sree, Ms. Hamsa Priya, Ms. D.Sarala got prizes in the Event MATLAB Mania organized by JNTUH on 11th & 12th March 2015.
  4. P. Akhila, Ms. V H N Mounika and Ms. Sowmya Reddy participated in JNTUH Excite – 16.
  5. K. Tejaswi and Ms. G Sravani presented a paper on Estimation of Ionospheric Time Delay Errors at NIT Warangal and stood in first place.

Technical Events

2014 Batch
  1. 26 Students of II ECE A and B presented Papers, Projects at JNTU Sultanpur on- behalf of student’s fest on 11th & 12th April 2016. Got First prize in Paper Presentation on Micro Electronic Pill, Second Prize in Project Expo, First Prize in Circuitrix.

Vasundhara, Akshitha – PPT – Micro Electronic Pill – First Prize

Manisha, Priyanka and Bindu – Electronic Letter Box  – Second Prize

Sandhya and Vijaya Lakshmi – Circuitrix – First Prize


  1. Harshitha and Ms. Siri Sudhati from III ECE A and B participated in Start Up Utsav  organized by St. Peter Engineering College on 20th & 21st July 2016 and Secured Second Prize.

Non Technical Events

  1. Sai Priya awarded with prize in the category of “Commanding Essay” in Essay competition on Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam conducted by IAS Academy on 15th Oct 2016
  2. Mythili got a prize in Essay Writing competition on Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam conducted by IAS Academy on 15th Oct 2016.

Department established full fledged state of art laboratories with advanced technology like Analog Discovery Kit etc beyond the regular curriculum to promote more practical knowledge.


    1. Electronic Devices and Circuits

    Lab Incharge: Mrs. S. Madhavi, Asst. Prof, ECE

    1. Basic Simulation Lab

    Lab Incharge: Mr. R. Priyakanth, Asst. Prof, ECE

    1. Electronic Circuits and Pulse Circuits Lab

    Lab Incharge: Mr. P. Rajesh Kumar, Asst. Prof, ECE

    1. IC Applications Lab

    Lab Incharge: Mrs. R. Sridevi, Asst. Prof, ECE

    1. Analog Communications Lab

    Lab Incharge: Mrs. Siva S Sinthura, Asst. Prof, ECE

    1. Microprocessors and Interfacing Lab

    Lab Incharge: Mrs. M. Praveena, Asst. Prof, ECE

    1. Digital Signal Processing Lab

    Lab Incharge: Mrs. P. Prashanthi, Asst. Prof, ECE

    1. Microwave Engineering and Digital Communications Lab

    Lab Incharge: Mr. K. Mahesh Babu, Asst. Prof, ECE

    1. e-CAD and VLSI Lab

    Lab Incharge: Mrs. Y. Anil Kumar, Asst. Prof, ECE

Academic Workshops

  1. Two Day Workshop on PCB Designing and Fabrication in association with Indo Global Services was organized on 23rd & 24th December 2013.
  1. Two Day Workshop on Sixth Sense Technology in association with Indo Global Services, Hyderabad under IETE Students Chapter was organized on 9th & 10th July 2014.
  1. Three Day workshop on Sensors, Data Acquisition and Automation Control using NI Lab
    VIEW and HW Platforms in association with Vi Solutions, Bangalore was organized on 12th 13th September 2014 under IEEE Student Chapter.
  1. Three Day Workshop on “Gaming through Embedded” in association with Jay Robotix, Hyderabad was organized from 25th – 27th Feb 2015 under IEEE Student Chapter.
  1. One Week workshop / Course on Embedded Systems in association with Prolific Systems and Technologies, Hyderabad was organized from 4th – 10th December 2015 under IETE Student Chapter.
  2. Two Day workshop on Quadcopter in association with Intelogy techno solutions on 11th & 12th July 2016.

Workshops under Engineering Clinic

  1. Two day workshop on Mobile Testing and Repair in association with SS Mobiles Training
    Institute was organized on 26th & 27th July 2013, October 2014, December 2015 under
    Engineering Clinic.
  1. One day workshop on Servicing of Fan and Tube Light under Engineering Clinic on 11th March 2014 & 4th July 2015.

Workshops under Assistive Technology Lab

  1. Two day workshop on Assistive Technology Lab in Minutes by Dr. Therese Willkomm,
    University of New Hampshire and her Team on 26th & 27th January 2014.
  1. One Day Workshop on Aurdino for II Year ATL students on 21st Oct 2014 by Orange Research Labs Pvt. Ltd

General Workshops

  1. Workshop on Safety & Security for girls by Vanguardz for on 22nd Oct 2014
  2. Workshop on ABCD for Safety & Security for girls by Dr. Geetha Challa
  3. Workshop on Stress Management by Sri. Peri Viswanatham was organized on 9th July 2015.
  4. Workshop on Safety and Security for Girls by SHE Team was conducted on 10th Sep 2015.

Technical Association and Professional Bodies

Department Technical Association

Technical Association of ECE Department was inaugurated on 24th September 2013 jointly by Dr. K V N Sunitha, Principal, BVRIT Hyderabad and Prof. N. Mangala Gouri, ECE, JNTUH. All Students of II, III and IV ECE are members of Association.


Technical Association Committee – 2016-17

Faculty Coordinator(s)

Mrs. A. Radha Abburi

Assistant Professor, ECE

Mr. G. Siva Sankar Varma

Assistant Professor, ECE

Technical Association Committee – 2016-17

Student Committee – 2016-17

Ms. Md.Hafsa

14WH5A0402 – IV ECE

Ms. B. Sushmita

14WH1A0411 – III ECE A

Sindhu Murali

14WH1A0491 – III ECE B

Ms. S.N.D.S. Satya Sri

14WH1A0433 – II ECE A

Ms. A. Jyothirmai

14WH1A0494 – II ECE B

IEEE Student Branch

IEEE SB, BVRITH got approval on 15th May 2014 (Branch Code: STB15591) and was inaugurated on 12th September 2014 with Student Members of 12. Presently IEEESB, BVRITH is with 16 Student Members.


IEEE Committee – 2016-17

Faculty Coordinator(s)

Ms. M. Praveena

Assistant Professor, ECE

Mr. G. Siva Sankar Varma

Assistant Professor, ECE

Student Committee – IEEE SB, BVRIT Hyderabad – 2016-17

Student Committee – 2016-17

Ms. G. Likitha

IV ECE – Chair

Ms. K Sai Tejaswi

III ECE – Vice- Chair

Ms. P. Srija

14WH1A0491 – III ECE – Secretary

Ms. B. Sudha Priyanka

III ECE – Vice – Secretary

Ms. Flora

IV CSE – WIE Chair

Ms. J. Manisha Reddy

III ECE, III ECE, WIE Representative

Ms. V. Divyasree

III ECE, Treasurer

Ms. Ch. Sushmitha

III ECE, Vice- Treasurer

Ms. M. Bindu Bhavani

III ECE, Public Relations

Ms. Pranavi

IV CSE, Web Master

Ms. Meher Rishika

Head, Public Relations

Ms. R. Monika Reddy

III ECE, Head, Member Relations

IETE Student Branch

IETE Students Chapter was inaugurated, on 24th September 2013 at Dept. of ECE, BVRIT Hyderabad College of Engineering for Women (BVRITH). Presently 354 students are members of IETE Student Branch.

IETE Committee – 2016-17

Faculty Coordinator(s)

Mrs. P. Prashanthi

Assistant Professor, ECE

Mr. Y. Anil Kumar

Assistant Professor, ECE

Mr. P. Ravinder

Assistant Professor, ECE

Technical Association Committee – 2016-17

Student Committee – 2016-17

Ms. U. Pranathi

13WH1A0444 – IV ECEV ECE

Ms. Ch. Sushmita

14WH1A0418 – III ECE A

Ms. Geethasri

14WH1A0469 – III ECE B

Ms. V. Keerthana 14WH1A0451


Ms. A. Jyothirmai

14WH1A0494 – II ECE B

Ms. R. Venkata Harika

15WH1A0497 – II ECE B

ISTE Student Branch

ISTE Students Chapter was inaugurated with No AP-175 and ISTE Institutional Membership – IM2278 in the year 2013. Presently 1153 students are members of ISTE Student Branch.

ISTE Committee – 2016-17

Faculty Coordinator(s)

Mrs. S Madhavi

Assistant Professor, ECE

Mr. P. Rajesh Kumar

Assistant Professor, ECE

Mr. JSRK Prasad Raju

Assistant Professor, ECE

Student Committee – IETE SB, BVRIT Hyderabad – 2016-17

Student Committee – 2016-17

Ms. Ch. Kalyani

13WH1A0403 – IV ECE

Ms. P. Tejasri

15WH5A0411 – III ECE A

Ms. Niharika

14WH1A04A1 – III ECE B

Ms. N. Chitritha


Ms. Y. Harika

15WH1A04A6 – II ECE B


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