The fundamental objective of Toastmasters International is to educate men and women through the process of selfimprovement and leadership training so that they may increase their confidence and usefulness in business, professional and community life.

The club was inaugurated on 24th February 2017 with 32 members and the first meet took place on 8th April 2017. Consequently, the club conducted a total 40 meetings so far.

Intended outcomes of Toastmaster Club:

Toastmasters allow members to engage with people who share similar interests to you in a supportive and comfortable setting.

Here’s just a few of the many outcomes of Toastmasters.

  1. Improve your public speaking skills
  2. Gain self- confidence and self- awareness
  3. Practice writing speeches and presenting in a group setting
  4. Gain a competitive advantage in the workplace
  5. Enjoy unlimited personal growth
  6. Maximize potential
  7. Build leadership skills
  8. Work on networking in a small and supportive environment
  9. Receive regular and  constructive feedback from peers with similar interests as you
  10. Access to the pathways learning experience , which is an education program that allows to leverage over 300 practices workplace skill, including:
  • Interview preparation
  • Online meeting management
  • Leadership development
  • Project management
  • Conflict resolution.

The club conducts meeting every week on Saturday,  that is monthly four times so that all members get speech slots.
Every meeting will have four segments:

  1. Prepared speeches
  2. Impromptus speeches
  3. Evaluation
  4. Taking roles of meeting :
  • Toastmaster of the Day- main anchor of the meeting, who anchors prepared speeches.
  • Table Topic master- anchor of impromptus speech segment.
  • General Evaluator- who evaluates the whole meeting.
  • Grammarian, who points outs the good and bad usage of grammar.
  • AH Counter, who identifies fillers and clichés.
  • Timer , who keeps time for Prepared speeches,  Table topics, Evaluation and Role players
  • Presiding officer, who sets the tone of meeting.
  • Sergeant at arm, who looks after the arrangements of the meeting.