Basic Sciences and Humanities

Faculty Members


It is the required stimulus and impetus to face the challenges  of life.

Usually, first year of engineering students also affectionately called Freshmen face a lot of awkwardness and fear of entering into something new and a significant step into the real world.But have no inhibitions as we are here to make sure you are comfortable and secure in the new environment. BS&H dept lays a strong and sturdy foundation for the core engineering courses and a mixture of myriad subjects including Engineering Drawing, English, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Environmental Studies, Management Studies, besides acting as a stepping stone for the students to leap into their core engineering subjects.

We strive to strengthen students’ fundamental principles and revivifying their knowledge, the department is supported by target oriented, highly qualified faculty with good teaching experience, who put consistent effort to meet the expectations of the students. They are easily accessible and approachable so that students feel free to come for counseling, guidance or for clarifications. They handle different courses like English Theory and ELCS Lab & Advanced Communication Skills Lab, Mathematics, Mathematical Methods, Engineering Physics theory and Lab, Engineering Chemistry Theory and Lab, Engineering Drawing, Engineering Workshop, Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulic Machinery Lab, Environmental Studies and Management Science.