Laboratories & Workshop


The department established fully fledged state-of-the-art laboratories to promote practical knowledge which enhances their comprehension of subjects easily and quickly.


Language learning is possible by means of practice; sufficient practice is given to them through language laboratories. As learning through involvement is a fun for students, opportunities are given to them to participate in various language related activities. The department has a well established state-of-the-art Multimedia language laboratory with licensed software, and Communication skills laboratory, which aid in enhancing their communicative capability by exposing the students to the nuances of the language.


The Advanced English Communication Skills Laboratory is introduced at 3rd year level to prepare the students for their careers and campus placements. At the workplace they will be required to listen, read, speak and write in English. Thus, it is critical for both their professional and interpersonal communication in the globalised context. It is a laboratory course to enable students to use ‘good’ English and engage in debates, group discussions, and oral presentations. It trains them to face interviews confidently.  They learn to identify sources and collate information to write formal letters, emails, reports and other social and professional written communication effectively. This Lab focuses on using multi-media instruction for language development to improve the students’ fluency in English to enable them to respond appropriately in different socio-cultural and professional contexts. The digital language lab engages them to actively participate in language learning activities and gives more practice than otherwise possible in a traditional classroom environment.


This lab is related to Physical Science which gives exposure to concepts related to Electronics, Optics, Magnetism and Semiconductors. The experiments in Physics will help the students to gain practical knowledge in the reacted areas which in turn acts as a good platform for the students to launch their technical subjects easily in upcoming semesters.


This lab is established to provide hand-on experience in the areas related to Chemistry. The laboratory experiments help the students in enhancing their practical knowledge and expertise in titration techniques, estimations of certain parameters of water and operation of various instruments. The knowledge of Chemical Analysis, Mineral analysis and the study of properties using various instrumental techniques play a vital role in engineering.


This Workshop practice imparts basic knowledge of various tools and use in different sections like Fitting, Tin smithy, Carpentry etc. No doubt, engineers are not going to become a fitters or carpenters or skilled worker on the shop floor, but exposing to all working trades, provides them a bird’s eye view of the basic practical activities associated with all sections of manufacturing unit. Thus they will come to know about the minimum requirements of industry in manufacturing field.