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On Monday, March 16, BVRIT HYDERABAD closed till further orders from Govt. due to Covid -19

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 : +91-11-23978046 , 100, 104
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 : 1075
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Stay Home. Stay Safe

Commencement of Academic Year 2020-21 from 03.08.2020

Welcome Message from Principal's Desk and Report of Classwork

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Information to Students

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  • Virtual Sessions for Competitive Coding Skills
  • Practice and Improve Your Communication Skills (View)
  • TCSion Digital Class Room (View)
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Information to Faculty

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BVRITH Literally Marches Ahead…
Nurturing Rural Talent during Crisis
“The future depends on what you do today!”

Sri Vishnu Educational Society is strengthening the nation’s hands under the visionary leadership of our Chairman, Sri Vishnu Raju garu by readily helping the young rural students who do not have the requisite resources to continue their online technical education in the districts.

In continuation of serving the community and society responsibly Sri Vishnu Raju garu’s magnanimous gesture is creating an ethos and culture of caring and compassion for a sustainable education society. He has provided tablets, smart phones and dongles to our students in the villages appreciating their academic efforts and encouraging them to continue their academic endeavors, online classes, trainings etc. without any constraints.

The Principal Dr. KVN Sunitha and faculty members Dr. Venkanna and Mr. Nagendra Kumar have been instrumental in devising the distribution of these gadgets at the doorstep of the students. They have travelled and met the students and parents at home or in the fields and handed over the gadgets to them. The parents and students are extremely happy and grateful to the management for this kind gesture of encouragement which is unheard of.

Stay Home. Stay Safe