Covid-19 Stories from Students and Faculty

We asked students and faculty how they were adjusting to online learning and what they had learned about themselves in the process. Their answers, occasionally abbreviated, are below.

Dr KVN Sunitha, Principal

Ignite Your Inner Courage

Human life is filled with problems and challenges. No one can escape the cycle of pain and suffering .The Black Swan event, i.e. the Pandemic COVID 19, brought the whole mankind to its knees. It shattered lives and left many people devastated to the core. How could it have spared my family! My family was also gravely affected by the deadly virus. It took away my brother-in-law forever.  My seventy eight year old mother, my sister and her daughter , who is also a young mother, were also diagnosed with COVID19. My world fell apart in a matter of two days but did I bow down to the circumstances? No, I did not. I chose to put up a brave fight in the midst of this critical situation. I have not compromised in conducting my meetings with the management, faculty, students and industry people. Even continued my daily household chores which like many of you I am also doing without any external help.

I carried on my work without any tears in my eyes. I believe that when “the going gets tough, the tough get going”. As a human being I would have chosen to break down, but as a leader I chose not to. I am aware that many people look up to me for assurance and strength. How can I let them down?  I don’t have one family. I have two families; my biological family and my BVRITH family.  I have equal responsibilities towards both. Keeping these thoughts in my mind I moved on with grit and determination.  Thankfully, I came out victorious. My family members have recovered now. I lost a family member but certain things are beyond mortal powers.

I shared my story with you so that you can learn to be courageous. Bad times will come and go but never lose your patience and strength of mind during those tough times. Never let problems bog you down.  Always do good work, be brave and pray to God. These will see you through the difficult times. Remember What lies behind us and what lies ahead of us are tiny matters to what lies within us”.

Ms. Yasaswini

IV B Tech, Information Technology,
Area Director, Toastmasters International

I find the online learning as a new learning experience to enhance myself. Toastmasters have a good time to learn from different parts of the world and keep the community spirit going.

With the impact (COVID-19) being felt around the globe, most of the things like classes, corporate meetings, trainings etcetera are beginning to move online. It’s a great way to keep people connected, keep momentum going, and provide a much needed sense of routine in a time when many people’s lives are disrupted.

Toastmasters International also moved its meetings online and they are easier than ever to set up.Earlier we were restricted to certain clubs or locations due to geographical constraints and now at the comfort of sitting in my couch I can connect with any clubs across the globe. Meetings going online is tremendously increasing networking, cross culture, new opportunities and growth.

Some of the meeting roles may need to be slightly adjusted, and members might need to be patient at first, but it’s very doable and can be a fun and welcome change.

Lockdown is a testing time for everyone in all the fields. For educational institutions, online classes took over the traditional teaching techniques. It was definitely a different experience for me to cope with the online classes compared to that of in-person teaching. Every faculty has their own way of engaging the class in online learning. Due to this lockdown we are exposed to the online teaching and got an idea of E-learning.

But the thing is, with the features available I am not comfortable with all the subjects, especially when it comes to subjects dealing with mathematical derivations and problems. It makes a large difference between parallel solving and looking at already solved one. When dealing with theoretical subjects it really left a very good impact, since I can visualize the pictures, graphs etc , due to which I can remember it for a longer time and become very much attentive and the sessions were interactive.

On the whole my experience of online learning was different, interesting, a bit tricky and had advantages along with disadvantages.


II B Tech, Electronics and Communications Engineering.

Ms. Lakshmi Apoorva Iyyapu

I B Tech,  Computer Science Engineering,

Online classes are a very unique style of teaching which helped us to embrace the change by opening our intellectual potential and hearts to continue our valuable leanings from the pandemic.  It is the very first time for all of us but still our professors continued to teach us patiently when there were technical glitches and helped us by presenting PPTs and  notes, etc.

But as every situation has its strengths and shortcomings even the online classes do. I miss the personal interaction with my classmates and teachers. There is also a little difficulty in  learning some subjects as they will not be completely understood unless we learn in person. The classes might be more productive if recordings of the classes are sent to the students for the future reference. It’s a great fact that we had online WISE  classes as well parallel to regular classes, which helped us not to miss any opportunity to learn.

Apart from studying, the Toastmasters’ club of our college is continuing by running meetings regularly and  I am very happy  being the president of club that we recently conducted 75th milestone meeting virtually with lots of guests.

I am  glad that our college  has taken an amazing initiatives to continue the teaching and learning for the benefit of the students without losing any opportunity virtually by conducting classes, suggesting courses to improve skills and  knowledge.

Lastly, I have adjusted well and I know we all will make it through this. Stay home, Stay safe!

Online learning has been very fascinating. At first it was quite difficult to adapt to it, but later it proved to be very beneficial. The fact that you can learn anything and everything at any time and place beats any disadvantage it has.

All activities other than classes like Toastmaster’s meetings have also opted the online method. Normally I used to attend meetings at college and rarely attend meetings outside. But now I am attending meetings all around the globe.

Another thing I really like about online learning is that it saves a lot of time. All the time and energy spent on travelling is now redirected to do something productive. I have been doing courses and attending a lot of Toastmaster meetings.

It’s been a great experience so far and I hope it will be better in the future.

Ms. G. Alekhya Yadav

II B Tech, Information Technology

Ms. Sreshtha

III B Tech,  Information Technology

This lockdown phase is an entirely different experience for all of us. Though, it was boring initially for most people, that wasn’t the case with me. I kept myself occupied with activities like painting and reading books and just when I began getting uninterested in these, online classes came to my rescue. Thanks to technology and of course the management.

Coming up with online classes in these uncertain times so that education doesn’t get affected is praiseworthy. Though it took time to adjust, the sessions were very productive and made sure that I don’t lose touch with academics. Apart from this, online courses suggested by faculty have also helped me upskill myself. But to be honest, I miss the classroom setting with peers around and the interactive aspect that it brings. All of these activities kept me on my toes.

Though the lockdown has brought us to a standstill, I would say I loved every bit of this phase because it made me realize a lot of things which I would otherwise have not.

The corona virus has definitely changed the way we learn. An online class was one thing I was never comfortable with, but due to this pan-demic we all got adjusted to it. At first it was weird but later I got used to it and to be honest it’s not that bad at all, it is a bit different from what we are usually used to doing but it’s a very interesting way of learning. Our teachers made interesting power point presentations which were visually very appealing and which indeed made it very in-teresting hence, grabbing students’ interest as well.

These are difficult times we all are living in and it’s not easy. At one point of time during this lockdown I thought my studies would also be affected but thanks to our college and faculty that they made efforts for the students and even in this global crisis we are blessed that we are able to study like how we normally would without the virus.

In this crisis I have started to appreciate each and everything in life that I usually used to take for granted, and we all are very lucky to be alive and healthy.

Ms. Rabiya Mirza

III B Tech, Information Technology

Ms. S. Sai Harshitha Reddy

II B Tech,  ECE – A

Staying at home for staying safe during this lockdown has really made me learn many new things. Although staying at home and spending time with my family and making memories with them is on one side, I do still miss my friends at the college. Although you can still do this online, it is not the same as physically being there.

And yes, Nature is healing itself where something good is happening but the world is now transforming itself to online. Starting from ‘Work from Home’ to the students trying to complete their degrees online and even kids are completing their schooling online. But this lockdown has also made me realize how important social interaction is. Our generation is being criticized for being too invested in technology. But, this time is proving these critics wrong.

I do miss many things in this lockdown. But, I’m deeply committed to what we are doing in this lockdown to keep ourselves safe and slowing the spread of COVID-19. And, I am sure we will be glad when we can all be back together again in college.

As today, all over the world the Corona Virus is spreading rapidly and leading to the deaths of many, it’s very important for all of us to stay at home, be self-quarantined and try to handle most of the things from home itself. At such times it is very important for us to follow the rules laid down by our Government, in order to overcome this pandemic. And we have got plenty of time to do amazing things and explore ourselves through online.

Though, online learning has been a bit tricky in the early days, later we got used to it. I, later felt that the classes were being conducted with great care and concern for us. I would mostly prefer offline classes i.e., to go to campus and learn along with my friends and have fun with them but, as there is no other option, I started making myself adaptable to this online mode of learning. And the way we were made to understand the concepts of all the subjects were interesting!

We are also encouraged to participate in many courses like, learning to design our own solar system home, Plastic TIDE Turners etc. also few technical participation like learning new courses on different platforms like MOOCS, Coursera, NPTEL etc. and utilize this time to build up our strong resume.

Though, I miss many things during this lockdown I motivate myself to utilize this time for a good cause which would not disturb others in any way. And hope our world would soon become corona –free.

Ms. K. Ruchitha Devi

II B Tech, ECE – A

Ms. Sparsha

II B Tech,  ECE – A

It was on 14 March 2020, when I received the text, stating that college will be closed till 28th March 2020 due to the Corona Pandemic. The moment I went through the message, I was worried about the upcoming situations. One of them was my academics. Our exam dates were not too far and there was lot to be taught and learnt.

Then our college management came up with an idea of introducing online classes and set the time table for different classes, instructed us on how to get access to join online classes. In the beginning, I had no clue on how online classes work, but our faculty made us aware of online teaching – its working and its benefits.

The moment our faculty started teaching, each and every step was explained well. I started to enjoy listening to the classes. They became more interesting day by day. In online teaching, we were not just bound to the audio lectures but also had access to the videos, presentations, etc. We could also search the topic instantly whenever we were stuck in the lecture.

Though, we have to sit at home due to the corona pandemic, we discovered a new method of teaching/learning through the internet. We also realized that internet can also be used for development purposes. Not just our academics but we had an opportunity to learn and discover many new things through online platforms like Coursera, Webinars and certifications.

Online Teaching was new to me, so is for the teaching fraternity. A big shout out to the VEDIC TEAM who helped us in internalization of digital technologies into teaching and learning. I got familiarized with various remote delivery platforms and various ICT tools. Never-the-less, challenging task was to deliver the course that is effective, efficient, interesting and also ensure that our students are on track while remote. It has definitely brought in major change in my expression and content delivery. Initial on-boarding session for students and faculty was a little clumsy & we had hiccups. Thankfully we saw transformation in the mindset of both faculty and students as we adapted to the online content delivery tools. As days passed the team adapted well to the change and improvised their teaching approach. I am assertive that we will continue to see the incremental positive outcomes during these challenging times.

Dr Aruna Rao S L

Dr. Aruna Rao S L

Professor & Head, Information Technology

Dr. V Madhavi

Dr. V Madhavi

Associate professor of Chemistry

Switching to online teaching-learning mode with the unexpected COVID-19 is a different kind of experience. The positive aspect of this situation is exploring new technologies/resources like Zoom, Microsoft Teams etc. This new way, though took time for a couple of weeks to get habituated, was successful as over 85% of students are attending the sessions online. The adjustment to social distancing is ongoing, and the virtual classes, in reality have many challenges. Transition to online teaching limits to the situation, where the activites including innovative interaction with students is missing. From the student perspective, unavailability of required infrastructure like laptop, Internet connectivity were some of the drawbacks. Though this situation is not perfect, this new level of teaching-learning experience has taught us thinking to be adaptable and flexible towards any situation. Wish to back to the campus and glad to see my students earlier.

It took almost a week to adjust to Online classes. Sudden news of lockdown, all educational institutions, business industries to retail shops, everything is closed when the first covid-19 case reported in the city. It has been really hard for me to adjust to Online classes when started.  Although our in-class teaching methodology uses technology, I still miss attending classes being interactive and having conversation with my peers and faculty.

However, it’s a good start for us to actually get habituated to the technology. Moreover I’ve learned being less distracted during the classes.

Ms. Javvaji Anuhya

II B Tech, Information Technology

Ms. Pravallika Nakarikanti

II B Tech,  Information Technology

I was not someone who liked talking on or listening to online classes (music is always an exception) …but now I go by the proverb – “When life gives you a lemon then make it lemonade” When lockdown was announced, I was on cloud 9 that I got holidays (general student instinct). But within a week, I missed travelling to college in bus along with my friends. Fortunately, as a part of ‘Elite’ program which is offered by our management, my friends and I (A team of 15 members) decided to do a data science project and this project started to occupy most of my schedule. Soon, there was never a time when I thought I was bored… we learnt new languages, we learnt to work remotely, organize official meetings, work without much of calls. We made our own ground rules, we created our own working atmosphere, sometimes it feels difficult to discuss and work among ourselves as we can’t spend much time on phone and neither can we meet but that made us learn git well…we understood Linux, text editors. It feels so cool to be able to do that when most of my friends from other parts of the country are spamming WhatsApp groups out of idleness. Apart from all this, I attend online classes too… though, I am not regular, but I am still able to study at whatever time I wanted to, through the Moodle platform resources and various other web sources. I also found enough time to do 3-4 courses on Coursera.(The time which I saved from dressing up to go out 😉).We also have an angular web-development module setup for us as a part of WISE.

The best of quarantine was that I could always find time to improve at my work…Every time, I write a code or make a presentation, I always have enough time to review it and make it better. This period helped me in bringing back many of my good old hobbies & habits – I started drawing, sketching, reading, and blogging again. I also learnt basics of cooking. I think my travel-time to college that was saved during theses 2 months was utilized very well and I am also getting to give my best for the project…

Elite + Academics  + WISE + Online Courses  + Hobbies + Family!

I think …I have made my lemonade…seems sour but it is sweet!!

Online Learning is bit different and interesting.From many years i am used to take classes going to campus, Noting down from blackboard, responding to attendance etc,.But though these make changes from offline to online its interesting to have Blackboard app to explain, zoom to have video and audio to understand, chat box to have interaction.

Initially, I thought this mode of classes may not benefit students more.The thought which i got into my mind when my faculty shared a news about having online classes is they will continue max less than a week.

Later, I really felt interested with this type of learning.Then, I understood the vision 2020 which i taught in my highschool classes.Because of these sessions we really used our time to the best out of it.

Having this mode of classes really helped me to understand, interact, listen, clarify all things. Though it has some disadvantages like internet connections, microphone problems it is boon.

Technology is a huge part of our lives. It is a blessing and a curse.It depends how we use it.

Through this classes back on an academic level, it has also taught me time management, responsibility and accountability.

As a conclusion, I want to say that having this classes are worthful to balance time and study,to gain knowledge and wisdom and to be learner forever…


II B Tech,  Information Technology

One might think that the lockdown would leave us with loads of free time. Honestly, I couldn’t agree less. I have never been busier throughout my life! This lockdown seems sort of a curse and a blessing at the same time. A blessing, because I have spent so much time with my family and made so many new memories even within these restrictions, and a curse, because sitting at home without stepping out for more than a minute or so can be a little too stressful. But while the world seems to have paused, it actually hasn’t; for me, it seems to be going at an even faster pace!

Online learning is something that I never really thought about much. For me, it was something more akin to self-learning; I never thought of it as synonymous to the learning that we do in our educational institutions. So, I was a bit sceptical, when our college decided to host online classes. Call me old-school or whatever, but for a long time, I believed learning should be physical- inside a classroom, face to face with a teacher and a student. Of course, the world would pull something like this to try to prove me wrong! While we rarely see any faces anymore (our college does not require us to switch on our webcams), it is still pretty much the same. Of course, we can’t elbow our friends in the middle of the class to keep them from falling asleep (imagine if Zoom had a “poke” option, to keep everyone attentive – the horror!), but, oh well, their loss!
So, I have learned a lot of stuff during this lockdown, some academic and some other not really so much (Does learning how to make coffee count as academic for a Computer Sciences student?). This whole online learning situation has been pretty fun, I have to admit (fun for me, definitely, for my eyes, not so much!). College classes aside, I am a part of a scholarship program and those classes I regularly attend. I have also taken up the responsibility of being an RJ and a part of the audio editing team for our Campus Radio (a little too ambitious of me, I must admit, but I never really think before I jump). There was this music production course that I had taken up; but doing that course ended up being a pretty short stint, considering the lack of time it left me with!

Then there are assignments and assessments to be done, projects and submissions to be made – safe to say I was a lot less swamped with work when we physically attended college! Somehow, I manage to squeeze in a little time for whatever little exercise I can get done (for both my physical health and mental sanity; I can never handle being stationary). Well, whatever happens, it happens for the best. So, here’s to hoping that everyone remains safe and that life goes back to normal soon!

Ms. Pemmaraju Tanmayee

I B Tech – CSE A

Ms. Sivalingala Sai Harshitha

I B Tech,  II – A

Lock down situation due to Corona virus is indeed a tough time for all of us. To overcome this pandemic situation educational system across the globe switched to online learning mode. In the beginning, the transition of conventional classes to virtual classes was not easy and interesting for me . As an 18 year old, pursuing my bachelor’s degree in Information and Technology, I understood that to fight and stop the spread of corona virus and continue our education, digital learning is the only suitable mode, our lecturers put in lot of efforts to ensure as students we enjoy and interact in virtual classes also with the same zeal as we did in our traditional classes. Though I miss my college environment, virtual learning opened doors for me to explore different platforms and focus upon self-discipline, self-motivation, self-learning and decision making. I hope this pandemic comes to an end soon.

An alarming sign from nature alerted human race to pause, stop and introspect about their deeds and I am not an exception. Pandemic due to Covid19 threw light on many issues which mankind pretend to forget in the journey of their success story of achieving supremacy over the nature. In this light even I started introspecting about ‘what is my role?, simple answer that I found was to be human, spread love and be empathetic towards all the creatures of this creation. When I was trying to nurture and cultivate few habits towards this goal, my professional morale and ethics cautioned me about my responsibility of imparting values to my learners. Technology as a boon, enabled me to overcome the gap created due lockdown and social distancing between a teacher and a learner. Virtual mode has now become mainstream, not only helped me to continue teaching- learning process but also gave me a platform to interact with students about various views, experiences and emotions in this pandemic situation and guide them to develop strong human relations, social responsibilities and focus on their goals. I truly believe that this is the time for us to appreciate what we have.

Ms. K. Madhuri

Assistant Professor, BS & H

Ms. Tushara

I B Tech, CSE A

Online learning has been troublesome. I’ve been having classes and assignments every day, even on a Sunday. The scholarship program I could get into demanded 9 hours a week for only classes and the regular classes took 14 hours a week. Now imagine the practice, assignments, assessments and the additional courses. I’ve also joined the audio editing team of our college radio and I’m really enjoying my work since I’ve been wanting to learn and practice it since ages but couldn’t do it due to the lack of time. I thought I would have more free time in this lockdown but it turned out to be quite the opposite. It seems like there is more work so that we make use of this time carefully and not waste it.

This online learning concept is very much new to me since it’s my first time but it was really easy to adjust to. The major trouble for me is the concentration. Computer science subjects are fun and I’m always excited for the classes but I couldn’t say the same for others. I’ve took up a music production course but had to bail out after two weeks due to the lack of time even though I was sitting in front of the laptop the whole day. Funny, right? I’ve also taken a philosophy course that I’m hoping to finish soon.

One of the benefits of this lockdown is to have a good family time.  One of the drawbacks is it’s affecting my eyesight. Having to sit in front of the laptop all day is starting to become tiring but considering I’m a computer science student, I think I’ll have to get adjusted to it. It’s not that I don’t enjoy sitting at a place for long hours considering that I’m indolent but sitting in front of the screen for hours is affecting my health. All this said, I appreciate the efforts of my college for being efficient even during this pandemic and considering how everything is happening so smoothly, I would say I’m extremely impressed with the management of everything and would like to thank everyone for their efforts.

A pandemic paradoxically becomes an opportunity to finally be able to deal with ourselves, in a long interval where the world has stopped and everything around us starts to function at a slow pace. Shopping becomes a long and slow business, and if before we hated getting stuck in the traffic or queuing at the post office, today we can do nothing but adapt to this new world of expectations and shifts, and discover the faces of our fellow men, finally looking them in the face (or rather, in the eyes).

We have rediscovered the pleasure of cooking and eating, a world that before the quarantine stopped only on TV with masterchef. If before we considered it a waste of time to cook a plate of pasta, now we have had all the time to devote to cakes, pizzas, biscuits and homemade bread as our grandmothers once did. Rediscovering genuine flavors that have little of “fast” and much of “slow”.

And so we also found time to read the book that we are not never managed to finish, or we pulled our favorite board game off the shelf. These small gestures, sometimes even insignificant in appearance, are rich in meaning, since they are imbued with our time, our dedication, our passion and our love. Characteristics of the human being that have been forgotten for too long. Thus we find ourselves reflecting on our time, on the past and on the future, observing a precipitous past that makes room for a rich and decidedly slower present.

We have resumed the taste of walking slowly, to escape and symbolically get closer to its initiatory role … the road teaches you that you fall, you get up, you go back, you make miraculous encounters and sometimes you are helped by Samaritans or, in cases worst, deceived by demons. But is always a discovery, going towards something new, a unique experience in which the mind is regenerated. Walking is rediscovered today as an existential alternative, as an opposition to speed, to displacement technologies, it is essentially a criticism of the dominant competitive spirit.

We have given importance to windows and balconies, from where you can observe small corners of the world. Terraces from which to peer into the universe, to observe the rising sun, setting, to discover that in the sky there is a wonderful creature called the Moon, accompanied by billions of stars. We finally had a chat with our neighbours who are no longer perfect strangers, we made friends with boredom and, let’s face it, we found that time, in general, is not just that marked by watches.

Suddenly we found ourselves in the present time, immersed in the much-talked about Here and Now, but little frequented. This small temporal space that marks our life, which contains our ugliest and most beautiful experiences, which brings our youth with us and will bring our old age, becomes the protagonist of this pandemic, which if on the one hand has stuck, on the other it gave us the opportunity to look at our life with different eyes, which seemed to really need to stop for a moment to breathe. Because let’s put it on our heads, slowness is not a waste of time, but awareness of one’s life time!”

Ms. Grahya

I B.Tech, ECE – A

Dr. Deepika Rupert Gardner-Associate Professor

Dr. Deepika Rupert Gardner

Associate Professor, BS & H

The Busiest Phase of My Life!!!

You may not control all the events that happen to you, but you can decide not to be reduced by them.-Maya Angelou

When the lockdown was declared, there was a slight see-saw of varied emotions including fear, pressure of uncertainty, relief, joy as it meant more family time for everyone. So, work from home began… Getting mails from students, corrections and some kind of advice for Statements of Purpose became the order of the day. No daily help and cook so, kitchen too became an active busy place- new recipes from YouTube, cakes and puddings with available resources. Thanks to our management…then came the updating of knowledge through Coursera, NPTEL, the Teaching Professor, Cambridge etc. and life was one BIG flurry of more reading and writing, webinars etc. that opened up the ‘Cognitive Vista’. But we have swiftly adapted ourselves to the changed scenario as have our learners. We are ready for the ‘Future’ and I’m sure… WE WILL OVERCOME THIS SOON AS WE ALWAYS DO!!!

Pandemic situation due to Covid-19 has lead all of us into a state of uncertainty ,sudden decision on lockdown and closure of educational institutions left us with a chaotic situation- not attending the college, missing our vibrant campus, interactive classrooms, chatting with peers, guidance and mentoring of faculty. Putting a check to all these confusions, our management started online classes. Adapting from physical interactive classrooms to virtual classes was a great challenge for me initially,as I was not accustomed to online mode of learning before. Our faculty tried and made online classes more interesting with their meticulous work and motivated us regularly. Different activities like quizzes, presentations and discussions were planned through online mode which made me to enjoy digital learning, proving my assumption that online mode would be boring wrong. I am glad to say that apart from our regular course work with the encouragement of our management, I am able to upgrade my skills by completing certificate courses by productively using my time.

The day when we were introduced to virtual classes,I recollected a story with title ”2021” from my course book which I read in my school days, in which a small girl is surprised on seeing a piece of paper, same way I believe that we would be surprised to go back to the college after the pandemic.


I Year, ECE – A

Ms. Bhavika Ramesh,

ECE I Year

The first week of online classes was challenging for me, as I am a person who is used to face-to-face classes. But after a week, I got adapted to the new way of teaching, which is, the “New Normal” now. Now I do not find any difference between the online and classroom teaching because of the same dedication shown by the teaching staff. Overall, the experience is good and I would not mind if the online teaching continues.

The unanticipated pronouncement of lockdown due to the spread of Corona virus, transformed the world distinctly. I as a student, observed a considerable change in the process of teaching-learning, which turned to be digital rather being corporal in order to avoid the spread with the assurance of social distancing.

As a primary school student, I was surprised by the words in one of my textbooks that our bedrooms are going to be our classrooms and the home is going to be our school within a span of 30 years. However, that scenario came into existence swiftly because of the present-day lockdown.

To afford new technologies is not easy for everyone. As our institution trained us to work with laptops and upgrade us with the latest technologies, it made it easier for me to get accustomed to online learning. However, the system of learning online provided me with a flexible program, which helps me to track my skills and run after my hobbies and passions allowing me to choose the learning environment on my own, which makes me more comfortable in learning. The online teaching enabled me to be focused by engaging with the academics and providing assignments. Online classes helped me to develop time-management and self-discipline. They resulted as an advantage not only to the students but also to the parents who want their child to be safe from the virus and simultaneously excel in their studies. Attaining knowledge through online resources took the education system to a level ahead .I feel that this lockdown gave me an opportunity to upskill myself.

Ms. Raja Rajeswari

I Year, ECE – A

Ms.K. Sai Uma

I Year ECE A

I was totally amazed as a school student when I read the lesson “The Fun They Had” by Isaac Asimov from my 8th Standard English textbook, which discusses about integrating technology in the classroom. Today as a student of Electronics and Communication Engineering, I understand the importance of Technology. Break down of Corona Virus enabled all of us to search for alternative modes. Like many of my friends even I initially thought it would be impossible to learn through the online mode as this way of comprehending the concepts had not been done by me in the past. We all believed that being in class with fellow learners is a good experience. But slowly Zoom sessions became a part of our learning. Many transformations were brought about by our management and faculty in online mode of teaching. During this period of lockdown under the supervision of our faculty, I started enhancing my abilities through various online courses. I love to mention that our campus Radio has become my favorite initiative during the quarantine times. We will be glad to see everyone back together again on campus. Hope everyone stays safe at home.

It’s like watching an apocalyptic movie. I am talking about the feeling. That morose feeling that unwillingly creeps into the mental system. It’s not the quarantine or the lockdown, it’s the whole way the disease is wreaking havoc around the globe.  NO, I am not having a mental breakdown nor I have become pessimistic because I know there is light at the other end of the tunnel. They say every dark cloud has a silver lining. We are witnessing that too, aren’t we? The beautiful peacocks strolling down the Mumbai streets, an elephant taking his regal walk in the streets of the Dehradun. The magnificent Dhauladhar mountains making themselves visible with full glory to the people who are living hundreds of kilometers away, ozone layer healing itself…the list goes on. The other day my husband told me how a Jain priest said that every element of the universe except the petty mortal being, was happy with the change. He said that universe was recuperating, healing on its own. By the way, we need not blame anyone. We should not  blame any country nor any individual. We brought it upon ourselves! We the proud, imbecile beings! We the “great Lord of all things”(?).

It is high time we realized that we should stop our rapacious ways and let all the creations of God live a peaceful life in our home, our EARTH.

Dr. Devidutta Das

Assistant Professor,

Department of Basic Sciences and Humanities


Associate Professor,  ECE

As a faculty of BVRIT HYDERABAD, I take the privilege and proudly say that, I am the first one to take virtual class online in the college during this pandemic situation of COVID 19. This is the right time in which we the faculty has proved that, the outcome of VEDIC training programs is achieved. I am continuously exploring new and different methods of online teaching which can create more interest and enthusiasm in students so that they enjoy learning by doing. As in the traditional classrooms with a strength of 60 to 70 around, it’s highly impossible to evaluate the students after a specific topic lecture. But now during the online sessions I have conducted quizzes using Moodles platform where I can easily assess the students immediately after the class. I have created competitive spirit with fun by using Kahoot! tool for assessing them. All the trees will definitely bless me because I saved them by making students to submit their assignments using Google Classroom. I feel that my lifetime has increased by these blessings…

Being at home, doing multiple tasks, my kids coming to me during my online sessions, to help her in their holiday tasks, and my son asks me to play with him….haha….it sounds so embarrassing right….but after some days I have started enjoying all these and playing games with my son and daughter. Even sometimes I have used the Kahoot! tool for my kids to assess their general knowledge with fun. This kind of fun learning will make definitely impact the cognitive skills in children….

Generally students show more interest to learn new things in any course through the respective laboratories. To make them learn by experiencing, I am even now blending the class with the virtual lab. As tomorrow’s teaching and learning may be a blended process, I am getting myself acquainted to different online tools which support this coming future. During this pandemic I have realized the importance of Flipped Classroom which gets the students closer to active dynamic learning in collaboration with their peers and teachers.

Online classes are not the only criteria we need to concentrate on. I believe that this pandemic should not stop us from innovation. Motivating students towards innovation will never stop from my side. As a member in the tech team, we are continuously making efforts and creating online platforms to make the students to screen their ideas and proceed towards the product development.

I am very happy to share that so many paid courses online are now provided free by the college management for the students and faculty. And as you know, a teacher is a continuous learner, I am even utilizing this time for learning new technologies through online faculty development programs, webinars, online courses from platforms like Coursera, Skillup (NASSCOM) etc., so that I can guide my students to meet the best of their future.

No signing off from my side. I will be online always so that all can reach me by following the social distancing and stop the spread of COVID-19.

I am Dr. J Naga Vishnu Vardhan, working as a Professor in the department of ECE, BVRITH. All of a sudden, due to COVID-19, classroom teaching was replaced by online teaching. But, great thanks to my management for their initiation of VEDIC almost four years ago where we were tuned to various online teaching tools which acclimatized us to the virtual teaching world. This real time experience of online teaching is a great experience for me and has taught me a lot of things. It encouraged me to learn various online teaching tools and adaptation to the features like using white board, polls, online survey, quizzes and many more. I also learnt that we could be interactive like a regular class with students by asking them questions between our lectures, creating short polls, asking for student presentations and many more things. One major advantage, is that if all of sudden we want to show anything to the students, we can immediately google and demonstrate the videos and show them instantaneously. This Pandemic gave me the opportunity to use technology to a greater extent and challenged my acquisition of knowledge through various online courses. Thanks to all the organizations for coming forward to offer many courses at a very low / free of cost.

I am still in pursuit of new knowledge and new skills during these unprecedented times

Dr. J Naga Vishnu Vardhan

Professor, ECE 

Ms Ambika

III  Year IT

The Corona pandemic has made a global impact in the past weeks and continues to hit most of the sectors, with education being one of the most affected…
The thought of skipping college and studying from home has always sounded exciting—until you consider the logistics. How feasible it is to take a class at home while spending time with the family, instead of travelling far to attend college?

Though e-learning is not a new phenomenon, the outbreak of Covid-19 and the country going under lockdown shifted the whole education system into a virtual mode, and I’m also little bit worried that can i cope up with my online classes but later I’m very comfortable as same as in-person classes.

Our teachers helps us to run virtual discussion among the students,assigns homework, and follows up with individual students as well we all had access to the recorded videos, presentations etc. parallel to regular classes we also had online wise classes which helped us not to miss anything at any point.

Despite being a freshmen student, I wanted to learn something in addition to my academics. While attending my online classes I’ve also signed up for a bootcamp Web Development which was conducted by the vedic team. Upon completion of the certification from Web Development, my college has suggested me to complete certification from Coursera as well.

I’ve started experimenting with my programming skills on online platforms to enhance my knowledge. As I’m a national shooter this lockdown helped me to vigor physically and mentally, and I have been attending online shooting classes on weekends which was being conducted by Khelo India. soon i will be hitting my 10.9 target in my shooting lane.

By taking precautions suggested by the government, we can collectively fight against Coronavirus and build healthy India. It is my wish and expect that the situation would become better and we will soon be in our campus and enjoy our class room teaching. I request everyone to please help the needy persons in this pandemic situation.

Stay home, Stay safe!

We are living in an unprecedented time as globally, we are all dealing with the interruptions, disruptions, and changes to our lives due to the COVID-19 pandemic. No matter how frustrating, confusing, or scary this crisis gets, fear doesn’t have the final say. “There is no fear in love, but perfect love casts out fear.”

Since the COVID -19 pandemic has disrupted the normal lifestyle of people across the globe, the virtual world has come to the rescue.

I kept myself occupied with the activities like Drawing and hand craft but these activities are too bored at some times the online classes has come to my rescue .It took almost two to three weeks to adjust online classes.Yet, i adjusted myself and started E-learning and studying new languages during this pandemic situations.

I participated in web development course which is conducted by the VEDIC platform.During this course i learn’t many new developments,also created web home page and now i decided to have my own website. Apart from this i enrolled and completed certification in few courses offered in coursera ,edx platforms thus utilizing this time to build a strong resume and coding knowledge.
-stay home stay safe

Ms Sahitya Devi