Getting admission into an Engineering college means entering into a different life, especially for the hostelers. While the parents are worried about their wards’ security, the wards are with mixed feelings of excitement about the new environment and new friends and also apprehensions about it. But there is nothing to worry much. We can assure you that end of four years you are going to really miss those days with full of beautiful memories.

Our hostel buildings are located right within the college campus which makes it easy for students to reach in time and also provides security. We have 4 blocks of hostels with 150+ rooms and occupancy of 500+. We have a common room where all the students gather and spend some quality time and gym area for students who are fitness freaks. Safety in the hostels is assured as we have experienced lady wardens and security officers allotted to each block who keep monitoring to run everything smoothly. Our hostel is hundred percent ragging free and an anti-ragging squad constantly monitors everything very closely.

Abode to wisdom

A full time lady physical director is available who conducts outdoor games like volleyball, badminton, throw-ball etc and also take care of their fitness activities.
We also have all the basic amenities and facilities like 24/7 water, Geyser systems, Nutritious food being provided. As a part of  entertainment and awareness we have television system to keep us updated about current affairs, sports and also watch some movies for refreshment.

The atmosphere of our hostels is conducive to study. Here, people get to work on their own special social life. This is the place where they can do group study and discussion on their academics. They can also elevate their talent in different areas like painting, dancing, singing and many more.

Not only academics, sports, other activities, the life in hostel grooms your overall personality. This experience will make you a better team-player, decision maker and a person with high adaptability. Here you may find your best friend with same thinking pace.

At hostel we celebrate every festival very grandly which will let you feel like home away from home