Meraki – A Language Club


Meraki, a Greek word refers to doing something with soul, creativity, or love. Our Meraki provides platform for students to learn language skills and management skills through simple techniques and fun learning. It encourages students to put their soul, creativity, and love.


Communicate to connect


The objective of Meraki is to revamp the following skills:

  1. Communication: Expressive skills include communicating effectively and winning the full attention of the listeners
  2. Leadership: Leaders need to have many skills and some of them being concentrated in Meraki are Strategic thinking skill, Planning and delivery, Persuasion and Influence, People Management and Change Management.
  3. Time management: Time is a wonderful resource that we can neither store nor save for later use. All have same 24 hours for a day. It is through right time management we can create the time we need.
  4. Critical thinking: The quality of our life undoubtedly depends on the quality of the decisions we make.
  5. Team building: Team building skill not only facilitates better communication but also breaks the barrier.
  6. Innovation: we are innovative if we are creative and original in our work and thinking. To be innovative is to be unique.


Various events conducted under Meraki so far:

  1. Check Your Brain Power
  2. Story and Me
  3. I am with Poem
  4. Errors
  5. Enrich your vocabulary
  6. Extempore
  7. What it means when
  8. Screenplay
  9. Evilights
  10. Body Language
  11. Story Telling
  12. Voice
  13. Relaxed When Stressed
  14. New Face
  15. Debate
  16. JAM
  17. Pictionary And Vocabulary Building Through Hangman
  18. Two Truths and a Lie
  19. Guessing Game
  20. Fruits
  21. Childhood Dreams

Many more to come …