Vishnu Educational Development and Innovation Centre (VEDIC) is a unique centre of excellence set up as a transformational platform for Sri Vishnu Educational Society Institutions. Students and staff undergo learning experience in the residential campus. This centre is involved in educational research to increase students’ success and promote active learning practice. With a mission to create inspiring teachers and innovative students, it provides positive and professional environment through excellent facilities. Centre facilitates collaborative environment between the students and the faculty to bring innovation into class room experience.

A plethora of activities are conducted for various groups of academia, some of them are:

  1. Learning & Leading
  2. Art of Writing Research Project
  3. CII Principals’ Meet
  1. Learning & Leading
  2. Art of Writing Research Project
  3. Pedagogic and Personal Effectiveness
  1. Scientific Educational Practices
  2. Advanced Engineering Optimization through Intelligent Techniques
  3. Simulation techniques and Advanced Optimization Procedures
  4. Cultivating Research Mindset
  5. Art of Writing Research Paper
  6. Train the Trainers
  7. Content Preparation for even semester subjects
  8. E Lab in C Programming
  9. Intrinsic motivation for placement team
  10. Google class room train the trainer
  11. Mathematics – I Colloquium
  12. Engineering Mechanics Colloquium
  13. Supply Chain management
  14. Engineering Drawing Colloquium
  15. C programming Colloquium
  16. Physics Colloquium
  17. Chemistry Colloquium
  18. Mind map for effective learning
  19. Course Design
  20. Immersive Instructional Technology ( IIT Level 1)
  21. Student Learning in Instructional Design (SLIDE) Level 1&2
  22. Unconcious Bias in the Workplace (UBW)
  23. Inspire – Impact – Introspect (III Level 1, 2&3)
  24. Progression Workshop
  25. Vishnu Online Interactive Colloquium on Education (VOICE)
  1. Librarians’ meet
  2. Ethical and Cultural Diversity
  1. Ethical and Cultural Diversity
  1. Online workshop on Self Management Skills (SMS)
  2. Intellectual Learning for Engineering Applications (ILEA)
  3. ELab in C programming Practice
  4. Career Aspirations in Science and Technology (CAST)