Art Club


BVRIT  HYDERABAD  College of Engineering for Women, Bachupally under the leadership of PRINCIPAL, Dr. KVN SUNITHA garu  initiated this program in the year 2022 to encourage the inner talent of the students. 

This program includes:

  • Guitar Playing
  • Singing
  • Western Dance
  • Classical Dance
  • Painting
  • Therapeutic Weaving
  • Organic farming (Nature club)

This program acts as a stress buster, improves the inner talent and also helps everyone to refresh themselves and encourage entrepreneurial skills among the students.  Under this program they learn Guitar playing, singing, learn western dance, classical dance and painting.  Under therapeutic weaving we encourage students to learn the weaving and bangle decoration and conduct competitions among themselves to encourage their talent.

Faculty Coordinators

Dr.T. Roja Rani – Dept. of BS & H
Ms.T. Mounika – Dept. of BS & H
Ms. K.Brunda Devi – Dept. of ECE
Ms. Suparna

Das – Dept. of CSE
Ms. Y.Divya – Dept. of CSE

In organic farming under Nature Club students learn how to reduce and reuse the waste in their house and  to prepare manure from waste to grow plants. The aim of nature club is to sensitize and mobilize students’ participation for preservation and conservation of nature.  Nature club brings students closer to nature and make them realize the importance of maintaining an eco-friendly environment.