Technical Association of ECE Department was inaugurated on 24th September 2013 jointly by  Dr. KVN Sunitha, Principal, BVRIT Hyderabad and Prof. N. Mangala Gouri, ECE, JNTUH. All Students of II, III and IV ECE are members of Association.

ECE Committee members

S NoNameRole
1Mr. D Venkata Siva PrasadPresident
2Ms. B. AkhilaStudent Member (II-A)
3Ms. Mantena viswajaStudent Member (II-B)
4Ms. Rs RevathiStudent Member (III-A )
5Ms. VarshithaStudent Member (III-B)
6Ms. D. Sai SowmyaStudent Member (IV-A)
7Ms. A. Samshitha RoyStudent Member (IV-B)


S NoNameRole
1Ms. G. RamalakshmiPresident
2Mr. G. Siva Sankar VarmaSecretary
3Ms. Sathya SriStudent Member (IV-A)
4MS. Y. HarikaiStudent Member (IV-B)
5Ms. G. GoutamiStudent Member (III-A)
6Ms. D. Vamshi LathaStudent Member (III-B)
7Ms. D. NeelimaStudent Member (II-A)
8Ms. Y. Bala Sai AlekhyaStudent Member (II-B)


S NoNameRole
1Mrs. V. HindumathiPresident
2Mrs. Siva. S. SinthuraSecretary
3Ms. C SushmithaStudent Member (IV-A)
4Ms. A. Rohitha SaiStudent Member (IV-B)
5Ms. S.N.D.S. Satya SriStudent Member (III-A)
6Ms. G. SuprajaStudent Member (III-B)
7Ms. S. ParinithaStudent Member (II-A)
8Ms. D. B. N. Vamshi LathaStudent Member (II-B)
S.NoName Role
1Mrs. A. Radha AbburiPresident
2Mr. G. Siva Sankar VarmaSecretary
3Mr. MD. HafsaStudent Member (IV)
5Ms. B. SushmithaStudent Member (III-A)
6Ms. SindhuStudent Member (III-B)
7Ms. S.N.D.S. Satya SriStudent Member (II-A)
8Ms. A. JyothirmaiStudent Member (II-B)
S NoNameRole
1Mrs. M. PraveenaPresident
2Mrs. R. SrideviSecretary
3Mrs. K. Brunda DeviMember
4Mr. Y. Anil KumarMember
5Ms. V. JahvaniStudent Member (IV)
6Ms. B. KhyathiStudent Member (IV)
7Ms. J. Navya SriStudent Member (III)
8Ms. Hafsa MDStudent Member (III)
9Ms. N. Manisha ValliStudent Member (II)
10Ms. V. Divya SriStudent Member (II)
S NoNameRole
1Mrs. M. PraveenaPresident
2Ms. R. Sri DeviSecretary
3Ms. V. JahvaniStudent Member (III)
4Ms. B. KhyathiStudent Member (III)
5Ms. D. BhavithaStudent Member (II)
6Ms. V. GreeshmaStudent Member (II)
S NoNameRole
1Mrs. M. PraveenaPresident
2Ms. Siva S SinthuraSecretary
3Ms. S. Hima Bindu ReddyStudent Member (II)
4Ms. V. JahvaniStudent Member (II)
5Ms. V. NikhitaStudent Member (II)


Academic Year 2019-20
Sl NoName of the EventEvent Dates
1Green Flare26th Sept 2019
2VLSI Design using Verilog HDL25th Sept 2019
Sl NoName of the EventEvent Dates
1Robotic Process Automation11 th to 13 th Feb 2019
2Python with Raspberry Pi23rd and 24th Jan 2019
3Sankranthi Sambaralu11th Jan  2019
4Block Chain Technologies26th July 2018
5EMTL and Awareness on GATE Preparation20th July 2018


Sl NoName of the EventEvent Dates
1Signal Processing17th February 2018
2Signal Processing & Communication3rd February 2018
3Guest Lecture on Remote Sensing & Signal Processing6th October 2017
4Guest Lecture  on Applications of Mathematics25th  July 2017
Sl NoName of the EventEvent Dates
1Technical Workshop on  IC design flow using Microwind6th – 7th  and 14th – 15th  March 2017
2Six Day workshop on VLSI System Design10th  -12th ,  17th  -19th  March  2017
3Guest Lecture  on Softway of Computing Hard problems9th  January 2017
4Guest Lecture  on  Electronic Circuit Analysis23rd  December 2016
5Guest Lecture  on  FIN FET Technology1st November 2016
6Guest Lecture  on Cognitive Networking and its applications18th  August 2016
7Guest Lecture  on GPS27th  July 2016
Sl NoName of the EventEvent Dates
1Technical event  Techno Cross word and Techno Fun games conducted  in Medhanvesh – 167th  &  8th   Jan 16
2Work shop on Mobile Testing and Repair15th -16th  Dec 15
3Pencil Art as part of Engineers Day Celebrations – 201514th  & 15th  September 2015
4Guest Lecture on Embedded Systems12th  July 2015
5Servicing of Fan & Tube Light4th July 2015
Sl NoName of the EventEvent Dates
1Technical event Techno Crossword at Medhanvesh – 1523rd  & 24th  Jan 2015
2Guest Lecture on Communication Theory by Dr.Anitha Sheela14th  October 2014
3Workshop on Mobile Testing and Repair10th -11th October 2014
Sl NoName of the EventEvent Dates
1Guest Lecture on Smith Chart by Mr.Kishore18th  March 2014
2Work Shop on Servicing of Fan And Tube Light11th March 2014
3Technical event  Mat Pro at Medhanvesh  143rd  & 4th  Jan 2014
4Technical Workshops PCB Designing and Fabrication23rd  & 24th  December 2013
5Guest Lecture on Innovative Projects by Sri. Subrata Dutta21st  December 2013
6Prashnothari  as a part of Engineers Day Celebrations – 201313th  September 2013
7Guest Lecture on ATL and ADK by Alan Rux10th  Aug 2013
8Workshop on Mobile Testing and Repair26th-27th July 2013
9Guest Lecture on Analog Discovery Kit (ADK) by Hanumatha Rao12th  July 2013