Practice for the soul.


“The body is your temple. Keep it pure and clean  for the soul to reside in”

-B.K.S. Iyengar

Why Every College Student Should Practice Yoga

Life changes fast when you’re a college student. You meet new people, have new experiences, encounter new ideas, all while learning to be an adult, taking classes, working part time, trying to have a social life AND find time to take care of yourself. Let’s face it – it is hard to do!

As students, we get pulled in so many directions – athletics, student groups, your new hobby,   sports, drama, college work – all competing for your precious time. With so many things to do, it can be difficult to find balance and remain focused on what’s important to you.

But if you want to thrive in college, it’s important to make time to exercise, relax with friends, manage stress, and maintain a healthy balance between college and enjoying the freedom that comes with being away from home.

Life Advice from a College Student

As a student and a teacher on a major college campus, I know firsthand how much a healthy body supports a productive mind. If I don’t practice yoga regularly, it can really affect my performance in college and how I cope with the stress of life. College is all about ‘finding yourself’ – and what that means is figuring out ……

“Who you are,
What you stand for
How you identify as an individual”.

In order to thrive, we need activities that do more than just make us sweat, but also keep us grounded, help us stay healthy both physically and emotionally, and support a positive state of mind.

Patanjali established yoga as a precise discipline with eight essential practices:

(1) Yam, the five rules of moral restraint;
(2) Niyam, the five rules of moral observance;
(3) Asan, the practice of Yoga postures;
(4) Pranayam, the practice of breath control;
(5) Pratyahar, the withdrawal of mind from the senses;
(6) Dharana, the practice of mental focusing;
(7) Dhyan, the practice of meditation; and
(8) Samadhi, the state of super consciousness and perfect equanimity.

This system is known as Asthang Yoga, or the eight fold path of yoga which is the realization of the spirit within. The eight disciplines of Asthang yoga are progressively designed to purify the body and mind. This allows the yogi to focus on the inner spirit.

Yoga is an elixir that works on almost every new age predicament. Unfortunately, today the youth are also victims of stress, anxiety, insomnia, etc., due to a highly competitive environment and work culture. Peer-pressure, examination pressure, long working hours, irregular eating habits are a few other causes of a stressful lifestyle.

BVRIT HYDERABAD with student health, fitness and cognitive behavior concerns started Student Yoga Program in the year 2015 under the guidance of the yoga teacher Dr. P. Nagaraju & Faculty Coordinator Ms. B. Rajitha. Students are using this platform to obtain relief from regular academic schedule and stress. There is double benefit as they are able to lead healthy stress-free life as well as get valid certification because every year Yoga Certification Examination is conducted in which marks are given based on attendance, theory and practical examinations.