Fee Details

2023 BatchBranchTuition FeeNBA FeeJNTUH/ Misc. FeeCSE12000030005500ECE12000030005500IT12000030005500EEE12000030005500CSM120000-55002022 BatchBranchTuition FeeNBA FeeJNTUH/ Misc. FeeCSE12000030002500ECE12000030002500IT12000030002500EEE12000030002500CSM120000-25002021 BatchBranchTuition FeeNBA FeeJNTUH/ Misc. FeeCSE9000030005500ECE9000030005500IT9000030005500EEE9000030005500CSM90000-55002020 BatchBranchTuition FeeNBA FeeJNTUH/ Misc. FeeCSE9000030005500ECE9000030005500IT9000030005500EEE9000030005500CSM90000-5500

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Getting admission into an Engineering college means entering into a different life, especially for the hostelers. While the parents are worried about their wards’ security, the wards are with mixed feelings of…

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Our institution believes that efficient ways of transportation in turn results in better productivity. Thus BVRIT provides 14 buses for private transportation from all over the city to the campus. From over 14…

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