“Language shapes the way we think, and determines what we can think about.” -Benjamin Lee Whorf

In the era of globalization as multinational companies expand their business across the world there is an increasing demand for multilingual people

The Foreign Language course structure imparts Linguistic Proficiency, Listening and Reading, Intercultural Competence and harmony which benefit students in their career prospects, College education, emigration, studying abroad, travel, and pursuing hobbies and interests


We, at BVRITH have successfully conducted German Language Level- 1Course, in collaboration with Vivekanand Institute in our college premises along with the regular curriculum from 2013. Five batches have successfully completed their certification.

French – Bienvenue! (Welcome) BVRITH’s Rendezvous with French Language and Culture

Moving along to 2018, we have started the French Language Course in collaboration with Alliance Francaise , Hyderabad to upgrade our students with Linguistic Proficiency.This year  first batch successfully completed the course.