Drone Technology Laboratory

Drone Technology is one of the emerging Technologies and is expanding its wings into real applications like Medicine delivery, Postal delivery, Agriculture, Army and many more.  Expecting a wide range of applications and opportunities in future, Drone Technology Lab was initiated to provide extensive training to the students in this domain to avail the opportunities in the upcoming future.

Events Organised

S.No Date Name of the Event Resource Person Details
1 23-05-2022 Business canvas Model Mr Mahaboob Hussain
iEDC Incharge, VIT,Bhimavaram
2 04-06-2022 Aeromodelling in UAV’s Mr. Penmatsa Pavan Varma
International RC Plane Designer and Pilot
3 17-06-2022 &  18-06-2022 Product Development Workshop Mr. Venkat J and Mr. Bhargav
Ngage Technovations