Grievance Redressal Committee

S. No Name of the Member Role
1 Dr. K V N Sunitha Chairman
2 Dr. K Rama Mohan Reddy Applied Authority
3 Dr. A Jaya Laxmi Member
4 Dr. Ch Sunil Kumar Convenor
5 Dr. M Anita Member
6 Ms. A Navya, 20WH1A0241 Member
7 Ms. Ch. Deekshitha 20WH1A04B8 Member
8 Ms. P. Meghana, 20WH1A12A8 Member
9 Ms. K Spandana 20WH1A6628 Member
10 Ms. M.A. Mayukha, 20WH1A0506 Member
11 Ms. Enugala Rishitha Reddy 21WH1A05F5 Member
12 Ms. B V S Anjani Sukanya 21WH1A1204 Member