What we know is a drop, what we need to know is an ocean……
B-Smart, Bi-Annual Technical Magazine.
This is all about new developments, inventions and innovations in the Tech-World, compiled and contributed by BVRITH students and faculty.

November-2021 Volume No.6, Issue No.2

April-2021 Volume No.6, Issue No.1

September-2020 Volume No.5, Issue No.2

March-2020 Volume No.5, Issue No.1

September-2019 Volume No.4, Issue No.2

January-2019 Volume No.4, Issue No.1

July-2018 Volume No.3, Issue No.2

January-2018 Volume No.3, Issue No.1

July-2017 Volume No.2, Issue No.2

January-2017 Volume No.2, Issue No.1

July-2016 Volume No.1, Issue No.2

January-2016 Volume No.1, Issue No.1