• Math.AI lab is inaugurated.
  • Mathematical and Statistical Foundation Lab is initiated
  • AICTE ATAL Faculty Development Program “AI for Agriculture” is sanctioned.


  • Mr. Ch Edukondalu, Asst.Prof is awarded Ph.D from Hyderabad Central University.
  • Mr. B Kishore, Asst. Prof has taken Ph.D admission in NIT Trichy.


  • Ms. K Supriya(20WH1A6649) selected for internship in AMAZON.
  • Ms V Jyothi Reddy completed internship in MICROSOFT.
  • Ms. Akanksha Sharma(20WH1A6606)  completed internship at One Convergence.
  • Ms. K Deepika(20WH1A6641) and Ms. Ch Srinika Sharma (20WH1A6651), Ms. D Joanna Shalom 20WH1A6611) completed 4 Months internship at Tech Mahindra.
  • Ms. J.Harshitha (20WH1A6659) completed 2 months Metaverse Ventures.
  • Ms. S Neha Keerthana(20WH1A6609), Ms. A Chithra Bhanu(20WH1A6614),
  • Ms. M Devi Sri Chandana(20WH1A6624), Ms. D Pranitha(20WH1A6626) , Ms. K Nikitha Reddy(20WH1A6632), Ms. T Harshitha(20WH1A6637), completed their internship in Optum Global Solutions
  • Ms. Y Manaswini (20WH1A6657) doing internship in Hexagon.
  • Ms. T Manjusha(20WH1A6607), Ms. Tasneem Firdous(20wh1a6634) doing internship at DROGO DRONES.
  • Ms. Baja Kusuma(20WH1A6613) doing internship in Smart Interviews.
  • Ms. Sudiksha Kolluru (20wh1a6645), Ms. Y Shiva Yashaswini(20wh1a6633) doing internship at ATOMSTATE.
  • Ms. Assuri Vyshnavi (20wh1a6658) and Ms. K Sravani(20wh1a6652) selected for internship at Athena Health with 45K stiphend.
  • Ms. B Sreedevi(20WH1A6610), Ms.B Pavithra(20WH1A6621),Ms. Bavya Sri (20WH1A6619) selected in OpenText for internship with 15 K stiphend.
  • Ms. Adithi Bandewar doing internship in DRDL.
  • Ms V Jyothi Reddy selected for FTE MICROSOFT 52 LPA.
  • Ms. G Spurthy Vahini (20wh1a6605), Ms. A Chithra Bhanu(20WH1A6614), K.Spandana(20wh1a6628),Ms. K Deepika (20wh1a6641) selected FTE in VISA 32.76 LPA.
  • Ms. K Deepika (20wh1a6641) selected FTE in Verizon with 7.2LPA.
  • Ms. Akanksha Sharma(20WH1A6606), Ms. Baja Kusuma(20WH1A6613), Ms. S Sindhuja (20WH1A6622), Ms. K Nikitha Reddy(20WH1A6632) selected for FTE in Bank of America with 6.45 LPA.
  • Ms. Ch Srinika Sharma selected for Accenture for FTE with 6.5 LPA
  • Ms. G Spurthy Vahini (20wh1a6605), Ms. H Rupa Kiranmayi(20wh1a6616),
  • Ms. V Bhavya Sri (20wh1a6619), Ms. T Harshitha (20wh1a6637),
  • Ms. S Chethana (20wh1a6644), Ms. Sreevidya(20wh1a6646), Ms.Vani(20wh1a6650),Ms.K Sravani(20wh1a6652), Ms S Sahithi (20wh1a6653), Ms N Manvitha(20wh1a6655),Ms. A Vyshnavi(20WH1A6658), Ms. K Satvika(20WH1A6660), Ms. K Nitya(20WH5A6660) Selected for Accenture for FTE with 4.5 LPA.
  • Ms. B Sreedevi(20WH1A6610), Ms. P Shiromani (20WH1A6647) selected for Genpact with 4LPA.


  • Ms. K Spandana (20WH1A6628) and Ms. Y Manaswini(20WH1A0554) completed the “Digitization of Isometric Drawings using AI/ML techniques” with HEXAGON.
  • Ms. V Jyothi Reddy(20WH1A6601) completed internship in MICROSOFT with 1.1 lpm.
  • Ms. I Bindu (21WH1A6624) selected as IEEExtreme 17.0 Ambassador.
  • Granted Autonomous by UGC for Ten years.
  • Internships in One Convergence, Optum Global Solutions.
  • Mentorship program by Target Upcurve.


  • Increase in intake from 60 to 64 and lateral entries 6


  • Establishment of Department CSE (AI&ML) started with an intake of 60